What does friendship mean to you?

To me, friendship is a blessing. It is an opportunity that we are given to share love and joy with someone.  It is a chance for us to experience life together. It’s how we grow. 

Connection. No matter what personality you have or if you’re an introvert or not, everyone desires connection.  It is in our nature to want relationship.  It is when we achieve this connection that we are given the opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves. 

This semester I have been learning a lot about friendship. I am learning about who I want to be close to and who I need to acknowledge but let go of.  Being away has given me the chance to test my friendships back home and to find new friendships here.  Without being in Italy I wouldn’t have been given that chance to learn these things.  Friendship means a lot to me.  I don’t think it’s necessary to have a million friends. When you have so many friends, how can you go deep with them? To me, those are fillers for your own insecurities. But what if you were given just a handful of really amazing people, or maybe one or two? Would you still be happy? I can probably count the number of friends like that in my life on one hand and I’m totally okay with that. 

I have been blessed with some amazing people in my life.  They have been people who have changed me and have experienced life with me and all of its ups and downs.  I’ve found joy. I’ve found the opportunity to be myself.  I’ve also learned that some friends only come for a short time.  Those are people who may be like a passing wind but we should accept the short blessing and grow from it.  I have had to let go of some people in my past but I am thankful for the time that I was able to connect with them and share a joy that I will never forget.

I know all of this may be random, but its just been on my mind lately.  As I’m becoming an adult I’m seeing how my friendships are changing and evolving. I am also very excited to go back home and put all of these thoughts to the test. I’m looking forward to being with my friends again, to develop new friendships and to deepen others.  I’m not the same person who got on that plane on August 22nd.  I’m different and I feel it and I just want all of you to be ready for when I get back.  Tomorrow marks my last month till I come home. Lets do this.


Noelle G.


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